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How to dress on A DAILY BASIS?
Outfit IDEAS


Building your wardrobe by keeping an eye on your budget and respecting dress codes is not always easy. Sound advice can help you do just that.

Choosing SHOES

How to buy the right pair of shoes without falling into the various traps of “fashion faux pas” and unfairly exorbitant prices offered by some shops?

Combine fashion, CLOTHING & respect for the SKIN!

Finding pretty clothes that scrupulously respect the sensitivity and colour of your skin is not always easy. In the majority of cases, when a consumer buys an item, they do not take into account the effect of these clothes on their skin.

When your skin is itchy and rubbed, what clothing would be able to soothe these irritations? Sénovie offers you a selection of clothes that perfectly suit your morphology, that will calm your itching, while remaining trendy and modern.

Ecological CLOTHING: the trend in FASHION!

We can no longer close our eyes to the consequences of human production and consumption on the environment around us. Activists here are saying to alert the population to the dangers of pollution.

Fashion consumers are aware of their responsibility for the health of their world. At present, there is a need for ecological and responsible clothing.

Clothing customisation: giving a personal touch

In the world of trends, we all want to assert ourselves and modernise small details to differentiate ourselves from others.

Buying personalised clothes or designing clothes to suit everyone’s tastes is the new fashion. And with technology, giving a personal touch to your wardrobe has never been easier.

Fashion accessories

Which devices to wear according to your outfit?


When we talk about sunglasses, we often refer to summer. Find out how to match this device with your face and clothes.


Don’t be fooled, choosing a hat can be a nightmare. Here’s a guide made by the experts so you don’t get the wrong hat.


The handbag is one of the essential devices in women’s fashion. But beware, one should not take the wrong model.

Summer Lingerie: FASHION TIPS & Tricks

Discover the different trendy looks selected by the experts to become this summer’s muse. Plain or colourful lingerie, don’t miss the tips for a modern and trendy style.

How to choose your natural stone bracelet?

The natural stone bracelet has become a trendy means of expression while promoting healing for the wearer. They come in all sorts, worn alone or with other bracelets stacked on a wrist.

The choice of a natural stone bracelet is based not only on the design preference, but also on the benefits of each stone in the bracelet. At for instance, we help you choose the natural stone bracelet that suits your personal needs and taste.


The art of matching JEWELS & WATCHES
to clothes

Should you combine your watch with your outfit? How do you match this device with your clothes? Although it may seem obvious, the answer to these questions depends on several fashionable parameters.

Dressing well rhymes with a good method for combining your devices with your clothes. But choosing the right style of jewellery can sometimes be a difficult task. You have to understand the different rules to be followed and apply the tips, described by experts, to be in the trend.