Jewellery set in stone: how to avoid the bling side?

When it comes to fashion jewellery, those set with stones remain a reference. They can be worn in a variety of ways and allow you to sublimate all kinds of looks. However, many people still hesitate to wear them because of their little bling side. However, there are a few tricks to take advantage of these jewels and avoid their eccentric side.

Jewellery set with stones: fashion devices in their own right

Jewellery set with stones is timeless.  They are the symbol of elegance and refinement. They are still very popular with fashion-conscious people of all kinds, mainly because they are so versatile. After all, gem-set jewellery can be worn for any occasion and can easily be combined with other jewellery models. Earrings, rings, necklaces, pendants or bracelets are all jewels that can be enhanced with natural, precious or semi-precious stones. In choosing this type of jewellery, the watchword is simplicity. As with clothing, when it comes to jewellery fashion, a simple but well worn device can indeed make all the difference.

Jewellery set with stones adapted to each beautista!

Jewellery set with stones will quickly become your best assets of beauty, as long as you choose them well and wear them well. These devices tell your story and reflect your personality in their own way. For a better result, it is important to choose your gem-set jewellery based on the current trends and your mood.  Unless you are a master in the art of combining clothes and jewellery, we would advise you to choose jewellery with small stones to avoid the bling bling aspect of these devices. However, without being a born fashionista, you can also let your tastes speak for themselves in this matter, but simply by taking care to respect a few essential points.

Wearing jewellery set with stones: points to remember

Above all, avoid getting carried away with the size of your jewellery, whether or not it is set with stones. You must always remain reasonable and make sure that you choose models that fit your face's morphology beautifully. Do you have fine features? Go for earrings with a geometric shape and drooping earrings. If you have a round or square face, choose a thinner model so as not to pack your face down. Instead, your jewellery should refine it. This applies to any fashion jewellery device. And if you want to wear a maxi jewel, avoid overlapping several models.
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