Healing with stones: what are the virtues of lithotherapy?

Lithotherapy is a discipline that improves the health of its owner. To acquire health stones, natural stone jewellery and objects and raw minerals are available. Specialist shops have semi-precious stones in their catalogue that have been selected for their lithotherapeutic properties and virtues. The advantage with these exceptional natural stones is that, in addition to their various varieties, they provide the wearer with many advantageous properties. Amethyst, for example, improves the quality of sleep, alleviates headaches, rose quartz soothes and fights against stress. As for agate, it treats various pains, including joint problems.

Different products sold in lithotherapy shops

Natural health stone specialists are looking for beautiful semi-precious stones. These minerals extracted from the rocks are transformed into authentic, quality jewellery. Shops specialising in lithotherapy are able to make fantastic natural stone jewellery. To treat yourself with minerals, you can buy authentic semi-precious stones. The items offered in the catalogues of specialist shops can also be processed products. For example, various ranges of bracelets, pendants and necklaces made of natural stones are available. Consumers can enhance their look by wearing an agate bracelet and/or necklace. Complement their clothing devices by purchasing a rhodonite pendant with a long tip.

Gemstone specifics: citrine, amethyst and diamond

Citrine is a pale yellow stone whose varieties can go up to orange-brown. This solar stone is meant to radiate good humour and joy. By using the stone as an interior decoration of the house, one benefits from a work capable of diffusing an invigorating and positive energy. The particularity of this stone is its ability to increase intense intellectual efforts. The virtues of citrine consist in stimulating intelligence by removing fatigue and boosting concentration. Amethyst is associated with the seventh and last chakra. This stone of wisdom and moisture promotes spiritual elevation. It has the power to optimise concentration and meditation. Amethyst is also used to fight against intoxications caused by coffee, tobacco, alcohol... Placing an amethyst in a room contributes to a deep and restful sleep. The virtues of this stone are not limited to its detoxifying properties. Indeed, amethyst soothes anxieties, relieves gastric pain caused by nervousness while promoting the proper functioning of the liver. The diamond gives its wearer strength, courage and clarity of mind. Its incomparable brilliance makes it a symbol of light and purity. This crystal is considered to be one of the most beautiful natural materials and has a purifying effect on body and mind. This powerful stone would also be beneficial for the health of the eyes. It relieves people suffering from cataracts, retinal detachment and visual disturbances. You can visit Minerals Kingdom for further more information.

Healing with lithotherapy

Lithotherapy enthusiasts consider fine stone or semi-precious stone to be more than just a decorative design object. Used to make rings or necklaces, these minerals bring positive energies to the wearer. Black tourmaline, for example, is considered to be the protective stone par excellence. This black mineral frees its owners from the grip of evil. Black tourmaline acts on the emotional as well as the spiritual. This magnificent anchor stone helps the patient to reduce mental wandering and helps to keep the patient's feet on the ground. Its usefulness is that it acts as a rescue stone. The mineral acts to rebalance the mind, following intense spiritual work. Used by mediums, the semi-precious stone cuts the link with the spirit world so as not to be disturbed during consultations. This object also absorbs the bad energies of places and people. Stones in contact with a strong flow of bad waves can crack or explode into pieces. To be more effective, it is recommended to purify them regularly. People who own emerald jewellery benefit from the virtues of the stone, easily recognisable by its darker or pale green glow. Note that the mineral is also available in bluish or yellow shades. The stone stimulates physical and intellectual development, bringing inner peace and serenity on a physical, emotional and mental level.
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