Guide to meditating with natural stones

Meditation is very beneficial for our mind, body and soul. It helps us to relax, enlighten our mind and clear away negative energy and intrusive and obsessive thoughts. Crystals are an energetic tool to work on our meditation, and to achieve the desired result. On a spiritual level, meditating with crystals can help you to reach higher states of consciousness, to deepen your inspiration. You will be able to understand yourself better and to find the right solutions, even if you cannot see them. If people learn about minerals every day, it is with the intention to meditate with different healing stones and crystals and to form an opinion about their energy. But how do we choose the right stone for our specificity? Which crystals will help us to meditate better? These are all questions that people ask us daily. In fact, any stone or crystal has undeniable healing virtues and can be used for meditation. Crystals are the tools that allow you to start and persevere in your meditation practice, but also these stones help you to reach more advanced states of meditation. However, when you start meditating with crystals, you will be tempted to experiment with other energies.

How do I use crystals for meditation?

Meditate with a crystal according to your intention: Of course, you must choose a crystal that has the therapeutic properties or energies that match what you wish to achieve through meditation. Thus, establishing intentions and meditating through your crystal every morning will improve and celebrate your results. When your mind is calmed and focused on your intention through the energy of the crystal, you will be more motivated and inspired to reach your goals or to welcome a certain energy.

Create your own crystal grid for meditation

Placing healing stones on your body will stimulate this area of your body through the therapeutic properties of the stones. Creating a grid of crystals in a geometric pattern will make this group of crystals vibrate intensely and can help you in your meditation and help you heal at the same time. We have created an entire series on how to use stone grids for chakra healing. See which chakra you need most to heal and try meditating with a crystal grid on your body:
  • Healing of root chakras via crystals
  • Healing of the sacred chakras with crystals
  • Healing of the solar plexus chakra with crystals
  • Healing of the heart chakras with crystals
  • Healing of throat chakras with crystals
  • Healing of the third eye chakras with crystals
  • Healing of the crown chakras with crystals

Implore deeper states of meditation with crystals

A few crystals can help to move to the higher consciousness of our mind. These are usually blue gemstones, violet crystals and white stones that are endowed with great power. These colours in perfect harmony with the higher chakras will allow you to illuminate your mind, to go deep within yourself. We invite you to discover our favourites:

Amethyst stones:

They also excite the crown chakra and soften your thoughts, making it one of the most powerful stones in meditation. Amethyst also helps to make the mind more clear-sighted and helps you become more attentive to your feelings, to what's going on inside you. You can visit  for more about Amethyst natural stone.

Azurite stone:

This stone is beneficial for meditation and will help you to access a form of inner wisdom. It also clears the mind, broadening its vision, which will help you to better focus on what is important. When you feel that your mind is busy and it is difficult for you to reason clearly, meditate with an azurite stone and you will regain your power of concentration.

The Celestite stone:

It is perfect for meditation, and very popular for that, because it facilitates the passage towards a situation of serenity, towards inner peace. Some healers even believe that it will allow them to make full use of their mental and intuitive capacities. Thanks to the Celestite Stone, you will be able to collect messages from the spiritual world through the power of meditation.

The Lapis Lazuli Stone:

It is said that this stone helps to perfect your consciousness, insight and truth. It has always been used for healing and has been used for thousands of years. Lapis Lazuli is an exceptional tool for meditation when you do yoga, and it will help to reconcile mind and body.

The Labradorite stone:

This stone will serve to deepen your meditation and enhance your consciousness. It will allow you to stimulate your inner consciousness, and discover your true self. It will allow you to realise your true purpose in life and to discover your destiny.

Lepidolite Stone:

It helps to calm your anxiety, to moderate your thoughts and to bring serenity to your mind. Lepidolite stones are ideal for meditation when you are feeling anxious, worried or stressed, as they alleviate incoherent or depressing thoughts and help you return to your natural state.
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