How to wear the watch like a jewel?

For most men as well as women, it has become a habit to wear a watch on a daily basis. Not only a device for telling the time, a watch is also a fashion item that can be considered an ornamental jewel par excellence. The question remains as to how to wear it well to add a touch of gaiety and elegance to your look.

A designer watch considered as a jewel

Above all, a watch is appreciated for its versatility. A particularity that allows it to be in perfect harmony with all styles of clothing, as long as you choose its design with taste. So, to make sure your watch can be worn like a jewel, you need to take its design into account. For example, you can choose a watch that is entirely designed in silver, yellow gold or white. Better than a simple watch, you will see it as a real bracelet beautifully adorning your wrist. You will be the envy of your friends, colleagues, relatives, etc. However, when you wear a watch of this model, it is not advisable to adorn your wrist with other jewels that could destroy its effect. Otherwise, it is perfectly possible to accessorise a jewellery watch with other mismatched ornaments such as a necklace, ring or necklace. The aim is to enhance your elegance.

Wearing the watch according to the style of the bracelet

For men, a pocket watch can be considered a jewel. Women, on the other hand, prefer watches that are placed on the wrist. So to make your watch stand out as a real gem, you need to give your bracelet some style. For example, you could put a thin strap to go with a watch with a larger dial. It is also possible to wear it with several straps of the same size. To boost your style, simply put on a phalange ring to highlight your jewel watch.

A set watch: an object of value

The watch with a fabric or leather strap is also very trendy. You can consider it as an ornamental jewel as long as its dial is fully decorated. In addition, watches with diamond-setting have been making a lot of headlines recently. Especially with the arrival of models adorned with diamonds, sapphire and rubies that are well embedded in a gold dial of different aspects. This is between the trend of jewel watches which generally seduce women in search of the perfect look and elegance. For more glamour and emotion, there's nothing better than a luxury watch set all the way to the strap. A design device that can be considered a valuable gem.
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