Lithotherapy: which stones for women?

In lithotherapy, the question can be asked at every stage of life as to which stones are suitable for women and the changes in their daily lives. From the nightmare-free sleep of childhood to the peaceful nights of the menopause, the energy of the stones is a constant support in the face of all these typically feminine problems. The stones will rebalance the emotions, the body and the soul. Natural stones can be worn as jewellery, in the form of bracelets but also placed in the environment or used during meditation sessions. It's up to you to choose the ones that suit you best and how to use them for your personal well-being. The website offers you a whole range of natural stone bracelets, made on general themes but also personalised bracelets according to your expectations.

Some stones for women

You will find below a non-exhaustive list of stones specially adapted for women


Stone of wisdom, amethyst is a healing stone used in many situations. Worn as a bracelet or placed in your room, it promotes restful sleep. It soothes headaches, helps to get rid of certain addictions and teaches patience. Very often used in meditation, it also alleviates signs of fatigue. For mothers-to-be, it facilitates communication with the foetus. It stimulates imagination and creativity.

Green Aventurine

Green aventurine is a stone that helps with anger management. It allows you to accept a difficult situation, mourning, grief, rape. It acts at the level of the genitourinary system. It can alleviate morning sickness during pregnancy.

The blue calcedoin

The blue calcedoine is a communication stone that encourages public speaking. It is well suited for oral examinations or job interviews. This soft stone calms irritation and anxiety. It soothes nightmares and is appreciated by young children. Later on, it is at the level of hot flashes of menopause that chalcedony is a daily support.

Orange calcite

A pretty, luminous stone that helps to fight against gloom, it promotes good morale. Thanks to it, self-confidence is strengthened and fears are dispelled. It is a positive stone that radiates joy. It would make walking easier for young children.


Chrysoprase promotes awareness and change. It provides a sense of emotional security and personal satisfaction. It removes teenagers' complexes and gives them self-confidence. It is a help for sterility and it promotes childbirth. It balances hormones.


The stone of joy and good humour, citrine develops self-confidence and positive morale. It reduces signs of fatigue and improves concentration. Citrine soothes disagreements and brings a certain balance.


Garnet acts at the level of concentration, creativity but also listening and enthusiasm. It stimulates the reproductive apparatus, improving sexual potency and protecting the reproductive organs. It is therefore well suited for heavy legs or cold feet... This anti-fatigue stone is appreciated by convalescent people.
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