How to choose your natural stone bracelet?

The natural stone bracelet has become a trendy means of expression while promoting healing for the wearer. They come in all sorts, worn alone or with other bracelets stacked on a wrist. The choice of a natural stone bracelet is based not only on the design preference, but also on the benefits of each stone in the bracelet. In this article we help you to choose the natural stone bracelet that suits your personal needs and taste.

Choosing a stone bracelet you like

Have you been attracted by a particular colour or material. Some people prefer sobriety and a discreet bracelet will be enough for them, while others will opt to wear multiple protective bracelets made of natural stones. Before studying the health properties of each gemstone, you will notice that some of them are attractive to you. Indeed, in lithotherapy, a lot of importance is given to positive and negative energies. It may be that your current energy is looking for the protective properties of a particular natural stone. Therefore, trust your instinct first and foremost. If you are attracted to bright colours, you can look at Agate, Jasper or Emerald stone bracelets which are green, red or blue in colour. Check for more. Adding bright colours to your clothing style brings positive energy and attracts optimistic people around you. Finally, the size of the bracelet also counts. The key is to choose a natural stone bracelet that matches the size of your wrist. If your wrist is thin and your bracelet has large beads, your hand may not be as well highlighted. However, some people with thin wrists can match the size of their jewellery to their clothing style and body shape.

Make your choice according to the benefits you are looking for

have been used by Healers for several centuries to treat physical, energetic and psychological ailments. The energetic power of precious stones comes from their millenary existence. They have had time to absorb the energies of their environment. Natural stones have virtues of protection against negative energies and each of them has a specific efficiency on ailments or disorders. It is wise to choose a stone according to its power. Thus, amethyst stone stimulates creativity and imagination. You can use it to help you in your artistic projects. The tiger's eye stone repels bad vibes. It is a very effective protective stone to restore your confidence. The jade stone increases the level of consciousness and helps the wearer to make better decisions. Malachite and haematite are known to be able to cure arthrosis and painful joint inflammations. There are hundreds of natural stones with a variety of properties. We advise you to take a look at your physical and mental health to see which ones will be most beneficial to you.

Wear several natural stone bracelets

f you have a more precise idea of the type of bracelet and the benefit of the stones on your health, you might consider wearing several bracelets or bracelets made of different stones. Beyond the style it brings to its owner, wearing multiple bracelets allows you to benefit from the virtues of several stones at the same time. Commonly, the green apatite stone goes well with tiger's eye and many people like to associate lapis lazuli with tourmaline. These associations strengthen a person's energy and promote meditation. For the colour combination of your bracelets, you could opt for bracelets made of black lava stone with white stones such as howlite. It's trendy to wear several bracelets with blue sodalite stones on one wrist and brown tiger-eye stones on the other. Feel free to vary the textures and materials of your bracelets. Rough stone or polished stone, plain colour or natural colour gradient. If you wish to improve your style of clothing, think about associating the colours of your bracelet with your clothing. Is your style rather bohemian chic, elegant, a mix of several genres? It's up to you to test! If your jewellery collection is made up of many pieces of jewellery, these 5 tips for storing bracelets should be of interest to you.
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