How do I read a composition label on clothes?

The composition label of the clothes is an element to be taken into consideration after your purchase. The meaning of the symbols remains the same for all types of clothing. It is not necessary to have detailed explanations to take good care of your clothes. These indications will help you to understand the type of washing, drying and ironing to be carried out.

What should be remembered on the composition label on the clothes?

Reading the garment composition label requires a certain amount of attention. It is a means of correctly washing and caring for your clothes. The information on the label can be used as a guide. You will find the country of manufacture, the composition and the type of care required. The symbols may vary depending on the origin of the textile. A symbol with a cross through it signifies a prohibition. Please be careful not to damage your textile. The maximum permitted washing temperature is represented by a number on the label.

The meaning of the washing symbols on the garments

To ensure the long life of your clothes, it is important to respect the temperature indicated. All the icons on the label should not be ignored. The type of washing can also vary depending on the textiles. Silk, for example, should be washed by hand and not put in the washing machine. If you see a hand on the label, it means that the laundry may be damaged in the machine. Drying techniques may also vary depending on the fabric. When ironing, care should be taken with the temperature used. The treatment of the anti-eczema garment is quite special. In order to maintain the quality of your clothes, you must follow the various instructions to the letter. Soothing anti-scratch clothing protects & clothes sensitive skin during eczema flare-ups or in case of chicken pox.

Decipher all the symbols on the label of your clothes

The information on the garment composition label can help you to appreciate the quality of the fabric. Your clothes can be made from natural, artificial or synthetic fibres. Ecological clothing highlights the presence of labels to promote environmental commitments. You must understand the indications in order to avoid any inconvenience. It is important to know that a poorly maintained garment can change colour and shrink. Before cutting your labels, you should get used to reading them. This way, you will keep the quality of your clothes longer.
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