How to choose a handbag?

For a woman, a handbag is an indispensable device that says a lot about her style and personality. It is one of the most indispensable devices in anyone's life. You can store your documents, your make-up, your medicines in case of emergency, etc. in it. Choosing the right handbag is therefore a fundamental step. But how do you make the right choice?

Think about the occasion and the context

First of all, you need to think about what occasion you are going to wear your bag for. For everyday use, favour practicality and larger bags, so that you can take everything you might need with you. Go for neutral colours to avoid worrying about combinations, or add a touch of colour that always allows for versatility. For an evening out, choose small models like the pouches that allow you to carry everything you need. Straps are a good choice to complete the look. For weekend visits, buy a medium or small handbag. A more striking colour would be welcome to give a special tone to your look.

The handbag should fit your body.

Small and short women seem more slender with smaller bags. Tall and thin women are more likely to combine with large bags, proportional to their size. If your upper part (shoulders, breasts, etc.) is more robust than the lower part (slender) you prefer a shoulder bag. If the hip area is the widest part of your body, consider buying a tote or tote bag.

The quality of the bag, an important criterion of choice

Would you be willing to buy a handbag for a few dozen euros that in a few months will be destroyed and crumpled? Of course not. Then it is better to choose your handbag well so that it is resistant and persistent. To this end, make sure you choose the right material for your handbag. - Leather: enjoy the charm of a classic and elegant leather bag. It is suitable for all circumstances. - Semi-leather: Made only partly of leather, it is for this reason less precious, even if it is just as soft to the touch and of great finesse. There is also the latest generation eco-leather bag, made from environmentally friendly, non-polluting material. - Cotton: used during the hot seasons, it is fresh and generally very colourful, plain or patterned. - Plastic: it is light, cheap and suitable for those who wish to change their bag every day or week. - Nylon: it is generally used for shoulder bags, for its resistance and practicality.
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