Which colour of gold suits me best?

The colour of gold varies according to the alloy. Normally it is yellow, but it can vary according to individual tastes. The purpose of wearing gold jewellery is to accentuate its beauty. Many characteristics can be taken into account to match the jewel with its wearer. A person's physique is a character to be considered. The colour of the skin, the hair of the eyes and the shape of the face are examples. But in addition to that, there are also the clothes to wear. The colours and shapes of the latter can influence the colour of the gold to be worn. Finally, the jewellery also depends on the preference, budget and the time you want to wear it.

The different colours of gold

Gold jewellery is a luxury ornament. Its colour is yellow in nature. By alloying with other metals this colour can be changed. The grey or white colour comes from its alloy with silver or palladium. Pink or red gold is obtained by alloying it with copper. The addition of other metals with gold makes the jewel more solid. There is also blue gold. It is obtained by alloying it with iron and a small proportion of nickel. Purple, black and green colours also exist, but jewellery with these colours is rare. The advantage with the latter is that they are brilliant and no longer need to be combined with precious stones.

The different characteristics to consider

Before choosing your gold jewellery, you should consider various aspects of your physique. The skin tone must be taken into account. This varies according to the individual. Hair colour also differs from person to person. Depending on the event with the appropriate clothing, the colour of the latter can influence the complexion of the jewel that one wants to wear. Finally, the shape of the face can influence the shape of the jewel as well as its colour.

Colour combinations

Gold with intense shades combines well with dark or Mediterranean coloured skin. Also for clothing and hair, this type of jewellery combines well with dark colours and brown hair. White gold combines rather well with light skin. Combining it with light-coloured clothes would enhance the person wearing it. White or white gold also goes well with blond hair.
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